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Once upon a time…

Graduated in 2004 with full marks at the Moda Burgo Institute in Milan, during the years she has taken part in numerous fashion shows, pageants for stylists and other fashion events. Since her childhood she had always a passion for clothes, she always created dresses for her Barbies. Today she has a 18 year experience in the world of styling clothes from patterns and different sizes.

She has a various collection of stage costumes which have been in various fashion shows in Sicily and other locations in Italy. She has won various awards for her creations one of which is PREMIO SICILIA 2008. In 2009 she has discovered the world of cosplay accidentally, thanks to the Sailor Moon character of whom she has designed a costume, when a friend of hers told her he was doing cosplay, from there she went to Lucca Comics 2009 to see this new world with her eyes, of which she became fascinated.

From 2010 till today she is dedicated for the cosplay world, by becoming a cosplayer herself and dressing up in her cosplay costumes to participate in Comic related events. She won various awards some of which are Premio Etnacomics 2011 (CT), she was chosen at Romics 2012 to represent Italy in Eurocosplay 2013 in London where she came 10th. Today she does new costumes and restyling her previous ones for future projects.

From her favourite materials textiles are the first preference obviously, she likes sewing by hand, beads and sequins, an in time she also learned how to use paper mache becoming professional gradually, and from last year she started using foam in some of her cosplay.

From 2018 till today she manages an online store on Etsy and working steadily on it, she designing and sell unique items such as dresses, costumes, accessories, cosplay, plushies, custom orders and much more.

Umaslady’s dresses collection are made for a woman or girl who loves being original with a unique and absolutely not-replicable piece. Purchasing from this shop, you will support her creativity and knowledge of patternmaking, tailoring and art ❤️
If you buy from her shop you will receive only a unique and well-finished product in each details. All of Umaslady’s dresses are sewn and embroidered by hand, and she never produces two equal dresses, so the cost also includes one-of-a-kind exclusivity.

Choosing to buy UmasladyBoutique’s dresses means understanding and appreciating the value of a dress made in a single piece. You will never find the same dress anywhere, whether at an event or a wedding. The uniqueness combined with the originality of each garment embroidered purely by hand, without the use of glue, makes shopping pleasant despite the price to be paid in exchange for a unique dress made to the smallest detail. The prices reflect the unrepeatable uniqueness of each item made with love starting from the sketches!


❤️ Custom order ❤️

If you are looking for a different dress, plushies etc. contact Umaslady by mail, she will be very happy to design and make it only for you.
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Dresses – Costumes – Cosplay – Alternative Wedding gown – Accessories
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Processing time for custom order: variable, the customers are periodically updates by email during production time, until the order is shipped.

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